Welcome to Distinctive VA!

No need to hire full-time employees or build an infrastructure for activities that can be done more professionally, efficiently, and at a much lower cost!


What are a few of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?


No cost for equipment - You do not have to provide us with space in your office, a desk, or a computer.

No employee benefit costs - You will not have additional costs for paying insurance, sick or vacation leave.

No training required -  We are well trained and well experienced. You do not need additional time and money for training of your staff. Once you hire us, work immediately starts.

No idle time - Imagine your staff not having coffee breaks. Yes, it is true - no idle time when you hire us. Your every penny will be equivalent to a corresponding work with us.

No long term commitment - You can hire us per hour, per week, per project or on a monthly retainer - Your Choice!


Special Offer for New Clients!


  • This offer is only available to new clients.
  • $900 per month gives you 60 hours per month working with a VA, that breaks down to 15 hours per week, at $15 per hour. Our regular rate is $25 per hour.
  • Promotional rate expires 6 months from you start date, then the price will go to $20 per at 60 hours per month, that is still a savings of $300 per month off the regular rate.
  • If you need more hours than 60 per month, each additional hour will be charged at $10 per hour. That is a HUGE savings!

Take advantage of this offer and contact us today to get started!